Holy shit, it’s VGR’s 17th anniversary!

We’re one year away from the site being able to vote and buy cigarettes! Very exciting!

Thanks for sticking around and reading for another year, gang! Today we’ve got a new installment of Kingdom Hearts II. Did you all want to discussĀ Kingdom Hearts III? Do you also think Flynn Rider is a dirtbag? Do you have strong feelings about which Attraction is the best? (It’s the Mad Tea Cups.) Have you been moved by interminable cutscenes of Org XIII losers talking to each other on top of phallic rock pillars? Well too bad, we’re stuck with THIS game for now. (Feel free to chat KH3 in the comments, but try to keep it spoiler-light if so!)

Xenosaga II part 7

Happy New Year, everyone! Since we are all charter members of the Shion Uzuki fan club, have I got a treat for you: it’s the latest installment of Xenosaga II, in which we get a five-course prix fixe of the smartest lady in 60xx! I hope you hate everything about her and it as much as I did writing about it!

Suikoden II parts 19 and 20

What’s up everybody! It took me a while–what can I say, 2018 has sucked, and especially lately!–but I’m back with the (sob) final two installments of the Suikoden II recap. I’m in my feelings about it and probably will be for some time, but I hope you all enjoy! (I should be back with something before the new year, but I have to do some recording, so we’ll see.)

Final Fantasy VI part 8

Happy National Nice Day, everyone! (You date-switching foreigners will have to check back in on September 6 for YOUR accidentally timed holiday content.) To celebrate this, the sexiest of days, I have a new recap of Final Fantasy VI, which may not seem all that hot to you, but this is the one where Twiggy’s parents DO THE NASTY, WITH GLITTER.

It’s also the one where Winona is a dickhead. Wait, that’s all of them. Enjoy!