Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse

Recapper: Sam
Begun: 2.17.15
Latest: 12.1.17
Status: Active
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And you guys thought the first game was a mess. Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Böse has all the pretentious religious symbolism, bad sci-fi tropes, poorly delivered exposition, and pacing issues of the first installment. But as a bonus, Monolith Soft fired basically everyone, and since they were too lazy to construct a sequel from the ground up, they stuck some random new character designs, new-and-not-improved voice acting, and a half-assed skeleton plot on top of a combat system that had its guts torn out. We're going to have such fun.

Recap terminology
Game term Recap term
Y-Data MacGuffin Data
Zohar Golden Penis Plate
Durandal Durandick
Dämmerung Dämmerhung


  • Jin/Margulis: Get on board or get out. These two are so hot together.
  • Canaan/Jailbait/CHAOS!!!: These guys clearly did some, uh, bonding the fateful night of the Miltian Conflict. They are also all linked to E.S. Asher. Sharing an E.S. means sharing a bed. Uh, except for Ziggy and MOMO. Gross.


Fuck Jesus!: Unsurprisingly in a universe that makes a big old insufferable point out of not capitalizing "god," the religious figures are all evil. This time around, we find out Margulis is some kind of creepy zealot, and he works for the Space Pope, who I'm sure is totally nice and totally will NOT be the game's final boss.

I'm a Pedophile and It's Okay!: Yes, I'm still a gross Jailbait fangirl, and everyone is still weird and gross to MOMO. Additionally, a dude in Second Miltia gives out children's swimsuits as promotional swag for a beauty pageant. Let's just not think about it.

Laurel and Hardy: Let's just count Richard and Hermann here, since Richard "hilariously" talks all the time and Hermann is the silent type. Also their mechs are respectively skinny and fat.

MacGuffins: The MacGuffin Data is somehow even more MacGuffiny this time around, even though they will eventually get around to accessing it and using it for...stuff. Worse still, Canaan also had it the entire time, which stops precisely no one from hounding poor MOMO for her version.

Shitty Voice Acting: I feel bad saying the voice acting is full-stop shitty, but it is impossible not to point out how nearly the entire voice cast changed from the first to the second game, and almost none of them for the better. Chesty even transferred her shitty southern accent to an entirely new actor!

That Was a Busy Year: The busiest year in the history of the universe gets special focus as the prologue focuses on the night of the Miltian Conflict. This will somehow get even worse in the third game.

Too Dumb to Live: I mean, Shion is still here, guys.

Misc. Notes

  • Have I mentioned that this game was produced by scabs?