Wild ARMs

Recapper(s): Ben
Begun: 10.24.04
Latest: 9.18.13
Status: Active
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Recap terminology
Game term Recap term
Prism Ray Jism Ray
Filgaia Feelgayer
Kizim Fire Jism Fire
Sweet Candy Ass Candy
Interceptor Intercourser
Fenril Knights Fenril Sprites
Player Party Cliché Trio
Curan Abbey Mary Sue Abbey
Narrator Random Text God/Annoying Exposition God
Quarter Knights/Demons Power Rangers Villains


  • Garrett/Elmartyr (canon)
  • Drake/Captain Seymour (doesn't really belong here, I guess, but in recap canon they're exes after a bitter breakup)


  • Silent Hero (Rudy…apart from one line)
  • It also represents a penis
  • Filler dungeons
  • And now for someone completely different…
  • Cowboys and aliens / melting pot of settings
  • Makeover of Plot Importance (Cesuelia's haircut)
  • Cesuelia is the Chosen One
  • Indy is a blatant expy of Indiana Jones
  • Black Screen of / White Screen of…
  • Reading from the Big Book of Clichés
  • Magical MacGuffin (Tear Drop)
  • Sarcastic sidekick (Scabbers)
  • Ineffective villainy
  • Lots and lots of drug references
  • Missing kid / lapsed parenting
  • Solving everyone else's fucking problems
  • Emma is overly-enamored with her Emma-Motor
  • Monsters can change appearance between the field map and the battle screen (Orga Widow and the Chewbacca monster)
  • The world map designer and field map designer aren't on speaking terms
  • Mystical Blind Person
  • Everything important happened exactly 1,000 years ago
  • Feelgayan artifacts all have very gay names
  • Sham marriage
  • Implied pedophilia (played for laughs!)