Tales of Symphonia

Recapper(s): Jeanne
Begun: 2.17.06
Latest: 1.22.10
Status: Active
See also: Tales of Symphonia cast


Recap terminology
Game term Recap term
Mana Manjuice
Exsphere Extesticle
World Map Monsters Black Blobs
Kendama Kendonga
Sorceror's Ring Wizard's Wang
Tower of Salvation Tower of Penetration
Journey of World Regeneration Magical Mary Sue Journey (MMSJ)
Human Ranch My Human Ranch
Key Crest Wizard Crest


  • Penis/Lloyd: Possibly unrequited.
  • Lloyd/Kratos: They are NOT doing it, I don't care what your sick fanfiction says.
  • Raine/Penis: They are hopefully NOT doing it, but shit, that spanking.


Misc. Notes

  • Genis is smart.
  • Suelette Falls Counter (SFC): increments every time Colette falls or her clumsiness is mentioned
  • Seemingly important plot points never have follow-up (see: dead priest in classroom)
  • Everything in this game is a cliche.