Skies of Arcadia

Recapper(s): Jeanne
Begun: 2.13.02
Latest: 2.17.13
Status: Active
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Sail the friendly, random battle-crammed skies with Ass Pirate Vyse and his two companion ladies who are clearly more into each other than him, as they battle with an evil empire and island-sized monsters shaped like a literal bundle of dicks.

Recap terminology
Game term Recap term
Air Pirates Ass Pirates
Vice Captain Vice Captain of Exposition/VCoE
The Serpent The Trouser Snake
Valuan Soldiers Zippo soldiers
Discovery informational text box Thought You'd Like to Know Box
Bellena's Ship WhoreShip
Rokwyrm Flame Penis
Red Ray Penis Ray of Doom
Horteka Whoreteka
The Chameleon The Red Lizard
Strategy guide Strategy map
Priest lurking in Rixis Peter
The Cygnus Fruitymobile
King Ixa'taka's ship Dickship
Moon Stone Cannon Fluffy Bunny Cannon


  • Galcian/Belleza: So one-sided.
  • Vyse/Belleza: Sometimes it seems like she wants his sweet underage candy.
  • Pippi/Fina: The game designers seem to have a literal hard-on for this pairing at times.


  • PENIS: Every single ship in this game looks like a dick.

Misc. Notes

  • For once, the hero is straight. No, really.
  • The two girls don't have cat fights over the hero. No, I'm really not shitting you here.
  • Vyse's dad is stuck in the 80s
  • Big Book of Bad Guy Catchphrases : the book all the villains consult for their shitty, cliched dialogue
  • Maybe don't name your island after the thing you're trying to hide (Pirate Isle, King's Hideout)
  • The guide is so shitty, I've never figured out what moon stones are strong and weak against each other.
  • Galcian has a microscopic penis.
  • Vigoro is gay and in denial.
  • Vyse needs to shut it with the preachy do-gooder shit. Let him mansplain to you why things always work out for the best!
  • Poor people are all whiny and annoying.
  • Rich people are all whiny and annoying.
  • God, the repetitive filler dialogue.
  • Steretypical locations: red = fire = desert! Green = plants = forest!
  • Belleza's boob animation used up the entire budget.
  • The random battles in this game are awful, frequent, and slow
  • The South Ocean, Ixa'taka, and King Ixa'taka all suck copious amounts of infected ass dildos