Persona 4

Recapper(s): Ben
Begun: 3.1.13
Latest: 11.19.13
Status: Active
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Persona 4 is a melting pot of genres that, on paper at least, looks like a disaster in the making: part dungeon crawler, part Pokémon game, part murder mystery, part school/dating simulator...but, amazingly, it works. It's certainly one of the best and most original RPGs I've played, but that's not going to stop me from poking fun at it.

Recap terminology
Game term Recap term
Junes Walmart
Mayumi Yamano Scandal MYS
Velvet Room Velvet Limousine
Narration Invisible Narrator (IN)
Glasses worn inside TV Hipster Glasses of Clarity +1
Slipping Hablerie Fleshlight Head
Persona Card Pokéball / Tarot Card of Summoning


  • Gary/Yosuke: Not yet confirmed, but there's attraction on both sides.
  • Chie/Yukiko
  • Hot Uncle/Adachi: All those "late nights at work"? Yeah.
  • Yosuke/Taylor: Intended beard!
  • Namatame/Mayumi/Misuzu: The love triangle that dominates the media and local gossip when Gary arrives in town.


  • I'm a Pedophile and It's Okay!: Pedocchio prowls around in his limousine on the hunt for teenage boys, and the local newscasters are a LITTLE too excited by the thought of the teenage Yukiko becoming manager of her family's Inn.
  • Omelette du Fromage: Wiggy constantly rants about how much he hates the teenagers in his class, apparently because they have social lives and rising hormones.
  • PENIS: Pedocchio's nose. Just look at it. (Also, numerous Personae)
  • RICH: I actually quite like Teddie when I'm just playing the game, whereas recapping his dialogue is torturous. To a lesser extent, Chie.
  • Shitty Voice Acting: The cast is generally good, but Teddie makes me want to stick knitting needles in my ears.
  • The Silent Hero: Gary's dialogue is chosen by the player, and only his Persona calls are voice-acted.
  • Touch the Fucking Moogle: If you want to even have a hope of maxing every possible Social Link, you'll need to use a guide AND follow it to the letter.

Misc. Notes

  • The intro is ridiculously long
  • Nanako should be in the care of CPS
  • Everyone is a fucking gossip
  • The Police Department is incompetent (probably because its detectives spend all their time fucking)
  • Every important plot point or line of dialogue is repeated ad infinitum
  • Some of the catchy, upbeat music is hilariously out of place
  • Inaba local news only seems to cover one topic
  • The heroes are pretty damn quick to accept the existence of a monster-filled parallel world inside the TV