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Welcome to the Videogame Recaps Wiki! We've created this wiki to serve as a reference for our recaps, including information on the games themselves, the characters, tropes and running gags, or any other random information we think is important or interesting. This will probably be heavily under construction for a while, so your patience with pages that are less than totally filled out is appreciated.

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2.17.19: Happy anniversary to VGR! Updated the pages for Kingdom Hearts II.

12.28.18: Updated the pages for Xenosaga II!

10.18.18: Updated the pages one last time for Suikoden II!

6.9.18: Updated the pages for Final Fantasy VI.

4.12.18: Updated the pages for Suikoden III.

2.17.18: We've updated the pages for Suikoden IV.

1.10.18: Happy New Year! We've updated the pages for Kingdom Hearts II!