Lunar: Silver Star Story

Recapper(s): Sam
Begun: 2.22.03
Latest: 10.19.17
Status: Active
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Lunar: Silver Star Story is a delightful romp through the world of Lunar, which is the moon if you haven't gotten that yet. I know, that's super creative. The story follows Alex as he quests to become a Dragonmaster, following the footsteps of his idol and unrequited love, Dragonmaster Dyne. There's some broad with blue hair who keeps acting like his girlfriend, but pay no attention to that.

Recap terminology
Game term Recap term
Dyne's Monument Dyne Memorial Hunk of Marble
Althena's Shrine Shrine of Foreshadowing
Vane Vein


  • Alex/Dyne: Alex has a little bit of a necrophilia problem. It's really too, too bad that Dyne isn't somehow still alive and able to reciprocate Alex's deep, burning desires.
  • Mia/Nash: Look, don't get me wrong, Nash is super gay for Ghaleon--and who could blame him?--but it is more or less undeniable that he has a thing for sweet, sweet Mia. He embarrasses himself entirely too much on her behalf to not be in love with her.
  • Jessica/Kyle: Yes, these two are really in a relationship. But it's a deeply dysfunctional relationship that should end, for both their sakes, as soon as humanly possible. Sooner.


  • Born and Raised in Bumfuck Egypt: Alex, Gams, and Ram-It were all born in Burg, a boring village separated from the rest of the world by forests and water. Everyone treats it like the horrible backwater it is even though Dragonmaster Dyne was also born there.
  • Cutscene Filler: Lunar has plenty of anime cutscenes, padding a ~30-hour sprite-based game into two full discs. Some of them are wonderful, and some of them are completely unnecessary and intrusive.
  • Fuck Jesus!: The cult religion dedicated to Althena is actually mostly innocuous, but given that a major religious figure ends up going evil and nearly destroying the world, I think this counts.
  • Mary Sue: This game has three distinct flavors of Mary Sue in its three female leads: Gams, the angelic, pure maiden with the beautiful singing voice; Mia, the bookish shrinking violet; and Jessica, the loudmouth, slutty catgirl with a Heart of Gold.
  • RICH: I like Jessica, but what feels like good-natured sass normally turns into Bitch Overdrive during recapping. Kyle is a terrible boyfriend but it seems like, 90 percent of the time, she's just looking for a reason to get mad at him.
  • Shitty Voice Acting: Except for Ghaleon, none of the voice acting in this game is exactly good, but Fellatio in particular has a truly terrible, high-pitched, extremely flat voice. As a bonus, this game used one "celebrity" voice actor (Ashley Angel as Alex) and pulled everyone else from a community theater.
  • The Silent Hero: Alex isn't completely silent, but he more or less lets Squeak talk for him the entire game.

Misc. Notes

  • Forest dungeons are THE WORST (Weird Woods, Meribia Woods, stupid female Althena's Shrine woods)
  • Working Designs needs to crawl out of their own assholes and stop making lame pop culture references