Final Fantasy VI

Recapper(s): Ryan and Sam
Begun: 10.29.04
Latest: 6.9.18
Status: Active
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Final Fantasy VI, an all-time SNES RPG classic and grand champion of load times on the PSX, features a diverse cast, such as the mopey one, the other mopey one, the spastic one, the other spastic one, the other other spastic one, and a yeti. These brave heroes fight to rid the world of clowns.

Recap terminology
Game term Recap term
Narrative screen Black Screen of Meta-Game Commentary
Slave Crown Circlet of Distinguishment
Figaro Castle Figayro Castle
Returners Rebels
Bug-eyed freakout Don Knotts
Diving helmet Diving Helmet of Certain Asphyxiation
Tritoch The MacGuffin Esper


  • Winona/Edgar: It's only natural that CHIIIIIIIIICKS Sr. and CHIIIIIIIIICKS Jr. are screwing. They are fooling exactly no one, and their abject terror when faced with Twiggy and her magic vagina is pretty telling.
  • Guile/Kyan: Isn't it marvelously convenient that everyone in Kyan's life, including his loving wife and son, die at the exact moment Guile shows up to sweep him off his feet? Their love is so muscly.


  • The Asylum King: Kefka is basically the Joker in an uglier outfit. And yet, even with his wacky villain antics, he is far from the goofiest character in this game.
  • The Black Screen of...: Here it's chiefly the Black Screen of Meta-Game Commentary, where the narrator, whoever the fuck that is, tells the player explicit details about the characters and their adventures.
  • CHIIIIIIIIICKS: Edgar, and to a lesser extent his boyfriend Winona. The former can't stop going on about what a ladies' man he is and how much he loves beauuuuuuuuuuutiful woooooomen. The latter has a crippling male hero complex that causes him to come to the rescue of women who want neither his help nor his attention.
  • Mary Sue: Twiggy and Celes are two Mary Sues of the same Mysterious and Powerful flavor.
  • PENIS: Kyan has a ridiculously large sword as depicted in his Dispatch sword tech. It's three times taller than he is. No compensation happening here!
  • Poisonously Poisonous Poison: Kefka poisons the river near Doma Castle, and the purple Koolaid kills everyone inside near instantly. He does this seemingly on impulse, except later it seems like Celes was branded a traitor for objecting to this plan well beforehand. Kefka is weird, makes no sense, and his "plan" would be terrible if the residents of Doma were not all idiots.

Misc. Notes

  • No one in this game has a lot of control over their emotions. Even from the stoic or mopey characters like Twiggy, there's a lot of shrieking, interrobangs, and Don Knotts faces.