Final Fantasy IX

Recapper(s): Jeanne and Kelly
Begun: 2.13.02
Latest: 5.9.04
Status: Hiatus
See also: Final Fantasy IX cast


Recap terminology
Game term Recap term
Black Mage #X Winged PUGGY!! #X
Moogles Strategically Placed Moogles


  • Zidane/Garnoa: Canon, but so very problematic.


  • Mary Sue: Garnoa needs to fly free and see the world, which she's only ever read about in books! (She also has a beautiful singing voice.)

Misc. Notes

  • Trading on nostalgia
  • Ugly/weird characters, as long as they aren't the hot leads
  • Haunted forest dungeon
  • Rare, unheard-of power that all the main characters happen to have (Trance)