Breath of Fire IV

Recapper(s): Ben
Begun: 7.27.03
Latest: 5.5.13
Status: Active
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Recap terminology
Game term Recap term
Dragon Non-Dragon
World Map Not!WorldMap
Minigame Minitorture
Carronade Cockonade



  • PENIS: The Carronade, multiple dragons, etc.
  • Too Dumb to Live: "Hmm, how to get down from this high tree? If only I had wings…"

Misc. Notes

  • Fetch quests within fetch quests
  • Missing princess (go originality!)
  • Wow, my Nina/Sandy hate was pretty over-the-top in earlier recaps (and some references sound uncomfortably misogynistic…ugh)
  • Fluent in Wankese (Sandy)
  • Pretentious text overlays
  • And now for someone completely different! (the multiple viewpoint switches between Ruley and Hamlet)
  • Old English (much of Hamlet's dialogue)
  • Infuriating camera angles
  • Comic-relief character with hidden depths (TikTok)
  • Deceptively-deadly enemy (Toxic Flies. Ugh)
  • Filler dungeons
  • The Trappings of Traps (Kyria is full of them)
  • Random accent (the Australian parrot in Kyria)
  • Ineffectual bodyguard (Kahn the Crack Addict)
  • Speaking in the third person (TikTok)
  • Evil Empire
  • Contrived coincidences ("Oh, are you the aqueduct repairmen? Come on in!")
  • Absurdly amazing character (Scias)
  • Furries
  • Everyone is a total spaz