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"The knight is aghast. 'Are you saying we're going to flee and abandon our mission?' he snaps, like it wasn't abundantly clear that that was exactly what Slowe was saying. But the disgusted underling turns his head to Marvy, trying to appeal to our boy's bravery and good sense. And, well, for one thing, Marvy isn't a snivelling baby. For another, those pirates hurt his boyfriend's ARM! Bitches gotta pay!"
     -Sam, Suikoden IV Part 2

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Part 1


"April 11 - 15: You're new in town, right? Have you heard the latest gossip?!"
Poor, innocent Gary McStu has no idea what awaits him when he goes to live with relatives in a sleepy rural town for a year. As well as school, the poor guy has to contend with strange murders, a relentless voice in his head, a dangerous world inside the TV and, above all else, enough hysterical gossip to make a celebrity blogger reach orgasm. So much for settling in quietly. More »

Part 2


"April 16 - 22: Thank you, Gary! But our princess is in another castle!"
...Well, actually, she's in this one, but I hope she has patience to spare--rescuing her isn't exactly top of Gary's list of priorities, you see. First, he has to gallivant around Inaba, join a sports club (an activity much more pleasurable than it sounds) and wrestle with his conscience over his increasingly-complicated love life. And maybe he'll go and save Yukiko when he gets a spare moment. The power of friendship! More »

Part 3


"April 23 - May 19: Things are getting steamy in here."
These are a busy few weeks for Gary--as well as juggling his numerous suitors and trying to find time to study, he ends up making a bunch of new friends. Sadly, they comprise the world's least confident trombonist, some brat's troubled stepmother, and a wild animal that's probably going to give him rabies. He sure knows how to pick 'em. Adding to the misery, the Inaba Scooby Gang spends a painful amount of time trying to identify the killer's next victim. But all this is just a prelude to the Best Dungeon Ever, an experience that makes all the other stuff seem worthwhile. Oh, and the first person to make a "PERSAUNA!" joke gets a kick to the genitals. More »

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