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"The camera falls to the ground and proceeds to race across the bright green countryside, flowing over enormous rocks scattered about the moor. In the horizon, we can see the beginnings of a sunrise peeking over the peaks of a distant mountain chain. This beautiful landscape is ruined by a sudden and fucking enormous ... LENSFLARE!! AAAAHHHH!!"
     -Ryan, Final Fantasy Tactics Part 1

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Part 1


"The wank beneath my wings."
The recipe for this delicious cocktail of crack is as follows: One mysterious relic. One train. Four unrelated Drifters. A metric fuckton of avian metaphors, and a whole bunch of PENISes. Mix well and serve with a dash of recapper insanity, and voila -- Wild ARMs 3, Part 1! **WARNING** Contains alcohol, much like me while writing it. More »

Part 2


"Annoying people stand around and talk annoyingly about annoying things."
I'll warn you guys now -- nothing much happens in this recap. Aside from facing the all-powerful Guardians in combat, whipping them like bitches and claiming their power, the characters just engage in increasingly-lengthy verbal exchanges wherein they debate the pros and cons of officially becoming a team. Yes, it's absolutely thrilling. Those of you who haven't been scared off, enjoy! More »

Part 3


"Schlongs, dongs, and things inspired by bongs"
On their quest for the Eternal Sparkle, Vagina and her friends meet another group of rival Drifters, explore some breathtakingly dull ruins, and fight Anus about a million times. Many speeches are made and PENISes fired. Fittingly, the climax of the chase takes place atop a huge cock. If that doesn't make you want to read on, nothing will. More »

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