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"'You have a mission!' he yells, 'As you know, [but I'm going to tell you anyway because my job is to provide exposition goddammit,] barbarians are rapidly increasing here in Gallione. The traitorous Death Corps detest the royal family. [Plus, their land is sitting on top of majorly bankable oil fields.] We cannot overlook them. We will begin exterminating these traitors. By order of our Master.' He shiftily adds, 'Then we will all drink the special purple Kool-Aid as Halley's Comet passes overhead, and we will ride it to the Promised Land!'"
     -Ryan, Final Fantasy Tactics Part 1

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All right, you've read the recaps. Now you are wondering what kind of sick individual could come up with this stuff and who the heck would want to work here. Well, all your questions shall be answered right now.

Name: Jeanne
What she does at VGR: Recaps. Site design. HTML/PHP coding. Forum Admin. Staff Abuse.
Bio: A mild-mannered programmer by day, at night she turns to her strange hobbies of videogame recapping and cosplay. Most people who know her would never suspect that she's responsible for this perverse little corner of the net....oh, who am I kidding?

Name: Auron's Girl/Kelly
What she does at VGR: Recapper, mailbag, Jeanne's faithful henchwoman.
Bio: A lowly cube dwelling Accountant/Data Analyst by day, I spend my evenings releasing my daily office frustrations in a fusillade of bitter, snarky comments on unwitting television programs, Lifetime movies, and video games. Sometimes, I even manage to write it down. Lucky you.

Name: Lita-chan/Sam
What she does at VGR: Recapper, and, um, Mailbagger.
Bio: Lazy college bum by day, videogame/anime devotee, lover of doggies (not like THAT) and debaser of action figures in the dark of night. Except for when I do that stuff during the day. Also, I have Captain Hooks rapier and Im not afraid to use it!

Name: Mad Ben (or just Ben)
What he does at VGR: Recapper.
Bio: A fresh-from-college jobseeker who spends his days playing RPGs and writing recaps, and his nights...uh..playing RPGs and writing recaps.

Name: Ryan
What he does at VGR: Recapper.
Bio: LC's faithful henchman. Bounces between odd jobs and school by day, but at night, transforms into a butch lesbian who can't get any and has a passion for videogames. Can often be seen stalking the VGR forums and community Livejournal.

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