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"Speaking of sadness -- not to mention pants-wetting fear -- SunOfAGodDamnGun has a third mode -- 'I Am Going To Show Up In Your Room At Night And Kill All Your Puppies Right Before I Decapitate You And Fuck Your Neckhole.' In other words, pissed off and evil. I apologize for the graphic nature of that description, but seriously -- have you seen this thing? If not, thank your lucky stars. And run away. Run away now."
     -Jeanne, Chrono Cross Part 8

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This is the section where all the fun non-recap goodies all reside. As you can see, there isn't much content as of yet. Thank you to Susi, who ensured that this section wouldn't be completely naked when I opened the site.

If you would like to contribute, please contact me and we'll talk.

Recent contributions:

Recap Retrospective #21

By Quartz Falcon

A look back at the FFX recap where we reunited with Auron, but had to deal with boatloads of wank, a pedo, and worst of all, Blitzball along the way. Ah, memories.

Posted: 02.17.09


Wind Wanker Retrospective

By Quartz Falcon

A magnum-sized retrospective of all the Wind Wanker recaps. Includes interviews with the recappers as well as forumite contributions. May contain references to homosexuality and penises, unlike anything else on this site.

Posted: 08.29.06


The Adventures of LC and AG Part 6

By Danny Kelly

In Space!, LC tries to off Shion, AG tries to off Albedo, and there's even a special guest appearance by one of the world's most infamous pedophiles. And it's not Sam, Albedo, or Seymour.

Posted: 04.13.06


Recap Retrospective #20

By Quartz Falcon

Take a trip back to the "plot twist"-tastic Suikoden Part 3 recap. I don't have much more to say, since I have to go kill myself now -- I had almost managed to leave behind my horrible memories of TGTSNBN, and now they've all come rushing back. Woe.

Posted: 12.26.05


The Adventures of LC and AG Part 5

By Danny Kelly

The underage tiny-wanged boys travel to yet another gay world, this one also in the Suikoden universe. Suikoden II to be exact. But where in the world will they find any wankers to defeat? Or gay men to squee over?

Posted: 12.20.05


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